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Satellite monitoring of transport of ArmGPS global

(GPS navagation in Armenia)



Satellite monitoring of transport with Armgps  system  — the system of monitoring of transportation is constructed on the basis of GPS satellite navigation systems. Satellite monitoring of transportation is used for the solution of tasks by campaign which are engaged in transportation, campaign which work is connected with personnel and transport promotion.

Տրանսպորտահին միջոցների արբանյակային մոնիթորինգ

GPS monitoring is performed with  two methods: online — with remote (through a GPRS network) transfer of coordinates,   and offline — coordinates is read out on arrival zone in a coverage  of GPRS or in a  control office. It is  installed GPS  tracker  on the  object,  which consists  of the  following  parts:  receiver of signals, a storage module  and transfer coordinates. The software of GPS tracker obtains data from the receiver, maintain them in memory of a tracker and whenever possible transfers with the help of the GPRS network. Satellite monitoring of ArmGPS is possible to use  for controlling  any mobile object.





The ArmGPS system for motor transport allows to solve the following problems


  • Fuel control
  • Availability of the passenger in motor transport
  • Control of location and routes
  • Control of increase of speed in online a mode
  • Analysis of operating time of motor transport
  • Analysis of groups of vehicles
  • Opportunity various
  • Possibility of work of Gps of modules in offline a mode
  • Possibility of work of Gps модулейв in absence the main food
  • Possibility of receipt of disturbing (SOS) a signal from object
  • Possibility of receipt of disturbing (SOS) a signal from object in the form of the SMS
  • Possibility of marks in eletronny to the GPS Armenia card

 The ArmGPS system gives chance for  personal monitoring having  purpose only of  safety

Interesting facts  about GPS

“Enemy” inventions serve people. GPS navigators were initially designed only for use in army of the USA.

Confidential developments of military are  in hands of our citizens.
Initially the area of use of GPS receivers was settled by military transactions. The GPS device allows to be guided on absolutely unknown space,  be able to catch signals from space. Ordinary citizens use the GPS receiver, they are seduced by its functions and the small size, allowing it  to carry in a hand. Among car owners GPS navigators are on a  huge demand. Actually,  nowadays  it is possible to meet this device in any  machine. By means of GPS monitoring the flight controller  of a courier company will be able to trace movement of the motor transport on the display. If there aren’t enough mini-cards in the GPS navigator, it is possible to enter  into the Internet on a special resource where the wide choice of maps of different regions is offered. Now many people heard about the system of navigation of GLONASS developed by the Russian researchers. Many public services of the Russian Federation will be equipped with the Russian systems of navigation in the near future.



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