Nowadays  the success of some companies  to a large  extant depends on quality of work of the drivers, who have direct contact with your clients. These duties are carried out by sales representatives, agents, managers, freight forwarders etc. They carry out the main part of working hours, being out of office. For getting  an effective  evaluation and opportunity to analyze work of mobile employees (trade  representatives) you need to have, at least, information about the following:

route of movement of the employee
the fact of visit to the planned points
the amount of time, that is  carried  out by the manager


Automated dispatching  taxi service gives opportunity to organize work of taxi  in more effective way, to make system  work transparent, substantially  reduce  the  time of “idle” vehicles,  significantly improve  the  quality  and  responsiveness to  customers.  What needs has any taxi service?

Constant  monitoring  of  the location  of  office vehicles

Fast determining of  the current  status of a machine

The implementation of permanent  monitoring  of  the fuel flow

The implementation  of  rapid receipt of  applications  and  tracking their  implementation

Constant use of various techniques  for  fast  automatic  calculation  of  applications’ cost .




Safety of your car by means of control ArmGps Global GPS system;  system of tracking transportation. The system has opportunity to monitor the automobile  in online mode  and if necessary remotely  turn  off the  machine. Our system is equipped with  a  modern satellite GPS navigation.



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