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ArmGPS Global  company is engaged in providing  the  services for  controlling  the  private cars,  taxi services, vehicles of delivery, freight  forwarding  and  car rental  services   and  gives opportunity  for  detailed GPS  monitoring reports.



GPS Armenia. The GPS system is  already  developing in Armenia.

 GPS  system for vehicles: The GPS tracker is  installed on cars or any other vehicles, which allows  customers  to see their  vehicle  with the help of  GPS map  of Armenia.  In order to achieve  economic  benefits from the use of  satellite GPS monitoring,  they  are installed   some necessary sensors,  for example,  sensors of  passenger traffic,  the  level and  control of fuel,  fuel consumption, temperature  and other  sensors  as it is required by the customer. GPS monitoring  system  monitors  the  transport  or any  other  object on signals of satellite system of GPS track  stick,  immediately  determines  the coordination  of  its  location, speed, direction,  simultaneously  collects   information  from  the sensors that are connected  GPS  track stick.  ArmGPS  system may work  not only in  online mode , but  also  offline,  if  the  object  is  in  the  coverage of the  GPRS   network,   the  collected  information  is  immediately  transmitted  to  the  server  of  ArmGPS  and  maintained in a database.  In the case  of  absence  of GPRS  network ,  the  data   are accumulated until the emergence of   the network. As soon as the  GSM network  appears,  all  the accumulated  information  on the flash memory  of GPS module, automatically  is transmitted  to the  GPS  server Wialon partner  of the ArmGPS  company  and  maintained in the central  database.  .
With the help the web interface from any computer or phone connected to the Internet (by having  access), operator can control  the object.
GPS system for the staff  of the company, freights, children, elderly, pets: for this purpose the ArmGPS Global company offers the clients  a personal tracker,  special mobile phone with GPS receiver and program trackers for mobile phones with the Symbian, Android, iOS and Windows mobile operating systems.


In what spheres GPS system (ArmGPS)  may be used and why it is necessary

Company, which  are  engaged in a cargo transportation:  To  monitor  mileage  and fuel consumption,  adjustment  path,  speed limits of  objects.

Passenger transport  companies, taxi, private drivers, offices engaged in delivery, for  the control of a passenger traffic, observance of the schedule of movement and congestion of a route;  construction  companies: Control of work  of  transportation,  construction  machines  and  freights.
Real estate development companies: control of work of transport, special equipment and freights.

Fuel control

Fuel control — one of the main objectives of GPS monitoring is to be solved by means of system of tracking transport of ArmGPS. The owner of auto fleet, the company of a freight forwarding  or other similar companies  know, what losses  can  bring him  the  driver , which  loads  only   part  of  the necessary  fuel.

User interface Wialon www.armgps.com

ArmGPS.com has a multi-functional  and easy  to  use interface where it is  selected all the  necessary functions  for  the  system (online monitoring).
. tracking object on electronic map of Armenia(gps Yerevan)  and other countries
. viewing a trajectory of the  object for any period of time (up to the 3rd month)
. control of speed and excessive speed at any point
. control  of mileage with the passenger and without them
. zone creation on the map
. control of the availability of passenger, level of fuel, temperature  and  so on.

Information reports of the web interface allow to see and analyse:

Speed – the change or speed limit in the process of movement.
Control points – the list of control points through which passed the chosen vehicles.
Stops – all parking spaces, zones in advance marked out flight controller, / vehicle stops/parking spaces.
Signal – GSM signal losses in the process of operation of the device.
Sensors – information from the sensors connected to the device ( sensor of  availability of the passenger, fuel level, temperature, etc.).

Tracking phone by means of GPS

Tracking by phone with the help of  GPS

“Where  are you now”  or  “Is  everything ok  with you”  these  are  phrases  that  each  third  mobile call  begins  from  the members  of family. We  simply want  to  know  where  are  our children   or relatives, of course,  only  with a  purpose of  safety.

How  you can help  you’re your  relatives in a  difficult  situations -  of course only  GPS system  tracking  of  ArmGPS(  GPS in  Armenia).

How  you can  know  where  is  the person    and  in what  direction he  is  moving  now -  the  answers   of these  questions  you can  get  with the help  of  ArmGPS monitoring  system; www.armgps.com .

armgps.comThere  are  various  ways  to determine  the  location  and  direction  of  a person.  The estimation of the position of the  observed object, usually  depends  on  the  information  of  cellular  networks,  the visibility of  satellite   and  the  quality  of  GSM zone.  Already today it is possible to perform tracking phone with the help of ArmGPS  monitoring system  in which there is a GPS function of navigator, and from any computer, laptop or cell phone connected to the Internet,   the WEB INTERFACE of ArmGps  system, you will always be able to know where is your GPS navigator. Also you will be able to receive various reports about  movement, parking, places,  direction,  movement speed etc.









Route calculation

Route calculation – We create a tool for our customers to calculate  the  fare  for    taxi   services, freight forwarding  companies.

gps rout calculate

rout calculate


The beginning of rout  — you should set the  initial address  of  the  rout

The end  of rout — it is necessary to add the address of the  final point of a route

Intermediate points — Intermediate points of a way

After addition of  the addressees the system will calculate the way length, time, the fare  and  has function of  printing.

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